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Shandra Fit

Fitness, Strength, Flexibility, MELT Method and Fun!

Get Shandrafit 5 days a week!

New members get 2 weeks free! Use code 2FREE

Drop-in 60 minute class $10 & 30 minute class $5

10 class punch pass is $89

5 class punch pass is $45

Monthly unlimited live classes and recorded classed $79

Full Body Fitness - is a class to meet all your fitness needs! This class is a fusion of full body strength, dynamic cardio, and core conditioning all based on sound, multi-planar, functional movement. There will be a proper warm-up and cool down, and a happy face to coach you through. Body weight and equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, stability ball, or common household items are also used.

Roller/Hips/Glutes/Low Back/Core Strengthening - This is the class that we all benefit from. Have you ever been to physical therapy and learned a clam shell exercise or a dead bug? All these exercises are the foundations of strengthening the pelvis, hips, inner thighs, glutes, back, basically everything you need to move! Join Shandra in this amazing class, just you and your exercise mat is needed. If you have a foam roller, this class starts off with 8 minutes of foam rolling followed by mobility stretches and exercises.

The MELT Method - is a gentle self-care technique that enhances mobility, stability, and performance and is clinically proven to reduce chronic pain while restoring overall wellbeing. A soft foam roller must be used for this class.

The MELT Method Hands and Feet - Covid computer time!!!! My aching hands, wrists, neck and all the extra walking, hiking, biking running are affecting my feet. When you MELT the hands and feet it is felt globally, all over your body. This is usually the best place to start hydrating the connective tissue in your body. MELT Method balls are needed for this hand and foot treatment. 

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