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Meet Shandra Milstein - your go-to personal trainer and group fitness coach of athletes, friends, moms and dads, people just like you that want to learn a new and safe approach to exercise, health and overall wellness.  With 20+ years in fitness, Shandra has learned what it takes to work with people of all levels.

Along with her unforgettable energy, her experience is backed by numerous certifications in ACE, TRX, The MELT Method, Keizer spin, Brett Contreras and the Glute Lab.  Shandra will help you make your workouts Fun, you will learn proper Form and engage in workouts that have Function that will carry over into everyday real life situations.

When Shandra is not teaching classes or creating effective and energetic workout programs, you can find her hiking the trails with her dog Charlie and enjoying nature.

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*20 years working with clients

*ACE Personal Trainer

*ACE Corrective Exercise Specialist

*TRX Certification

*Keiser Spin Certification

*MELT Method practitioner

*Tina Vindham Outdoor Exercise specialist

*Brett Contreras Glute Training specialist

*Zoom virtual fitness specialist!

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